Thursday, April 23, 2015

What causes Tonsil Stones?

Have you struggled before looking for the reasons behind your tonsillitis? It can be tormenting to be in the condition without knowing what really causes it or how to come out of it. This is what causes the problem;

The cause of tonsil stones

Scientific research shows that the constituents of tonsil stones consist of magnesium and calcium salts such as the oxalates and ammonium radicals. This the n explains why it is thought that the problem is caused by accumulation of food particles that contain the` elements in the tonsil crypts.
Research also reveals that continuous accumulation of bacteria around the crypts too. If the bacteria combine with dead cells in the crevices, they are likely to cause tonsillitis. Moreover, in extreme cases, mucus may collect in crypt too leading to the problem.

Once they are accumulated, they are in rarely disturbed and thereby keep growing to form larger and hardened debris. This stones are small yet visible. They are only detected when their symptoms start exhibiting. In most cases, radiological examinations are best in determining whether you have the tonsil stones.

There are conditions that facilitate the development of the stones. This is because they just start just as dot s and develop with time to become bigger. One of such factors is the growth of fungi and bacteria. It necessitates calcification of the particles that are trapped in the crevices.
Anaerobic bacteria especially thrives well in areas that have low oxygen conditions like in the tonsil crypts. The bacteria multiplies exponentially especially when they combine with the dry mouths and the deposition of food particles, mucous and dead cells. The end result is favorable conditions for the growth of the tonsil stones.

The location of the tonsil stones can also cause their further development. For example, stones that are located at the peritonsilar areas could be more probable to be caused by calcification than they could be caused by accumulation of food particles in the tonsilar regions. 

How can you get rid of tonsil stones?

Tonsillitis is preventable. There are various methods of removing the tonsil stones however if you are not able to prevent their occurrence completely. They include;
· Drinking of carbonated beverages - This remedy is effective becausethe beverages stay around the stones and in the tonsil crypts and due to their nucleating property, they dislodge the stones from the tonsils.
· Oxygenation- this is one reliable measure than get rid of the tonsil stone easily. You can drop TheraBreath Plus nasal sinus drops so as to oxygenate your tonsils. This makes the conditions of the bacteria responsible for calcification unfavorable. The bacteria are neutralized quelling the problem.
· Scooping- big tonsil stones can be removed from the tonsils using clean equipment. The process can be made more effective by carrying out a follow-up irrigation because it only gets rid of bigger stones leaving smaller ones.
· Gaggling warm salty water in the mouth-this method produces results as easily as by use of the tongue. The gaggling can be done each morning can help to clear the tonsil crypts and hence keep the stones away. The gaggling should be done vigorously to ensure that the stones are completely dislodged.
· Laser treatment- this method helps smoothen and flatten the crypts of your tonsils. This will prevent future accumulation of tonsil stones. However, you realize that this method will be more effective when the other methods have been used.
· Use of oral irrigators- these devices can be used to deliver pulsating water in streams to the mouth. When the water is streamed to the crypts, the stones are easily dislodged. It however not wise for you to use the electric oral irrigators to remove the tonsil stones. The high pressure from them can damage the tonsils altogether.
· Surgery – if the major symptoms of tonsillitis such asbad breath continue after employment of the various methods listed above, it is necessary that an incision is carried out to remove the stones. 

Final call

Before you begin lamenting of the prolonged halitosis ask yourself a few things. Buddy, how many times do you visit the dentist for checkup? Do you clean your mouth regularly after meals to reduce the debris that goes to the tonsil crypts? What causes tonsil stones? This question will not be knocking you down any time if you take the information above and be safe from practices that promote its occurrence. For more information visit this site.


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