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How to get rid of tonsil stones

Tonsil stones are small whitish globs which appear in the rough terrain of people tonsils. They can be cheese-like and soft, jagged and hard, or a combination of the two. So, how do you recognize tonsil stones? They appear when food parts, debris and dead cells get lodged in your tonsillar cypts (tonsil crannies and nooks), fight with your white blood cells as well as fester. 

So how do you get rid of tonsil stones? Tonsil stones releases various sulfur elements that can lead to breath that stinks like corpse filled sauna. In addition, they can cause swelling, sore throat and even severe annoyance. However, don’t be afraid. Don’t go mad and start removing them with any sharp object that you come across. Your tonsil is made up of very sensitive tissues which can bleed easily. Below is an article on how to safely and effectively remove the tonsil stones at home as other permanent and recurring medical treatment method for individuals suffering from recurring tonsil stones. However, before we look at these methods, you should know how to prevent yourself from tonsil stones.

Preventing tonsil stones

Avoid cottonmouth – Having a dry mouth, either from medication or mouth breathing during the night, can lead to an outburst of anaerobic bacteria, which can lead or even speed up the occurrence of tonsil stones. Maintain your mouth – Keep your mouth, gums and teeth clean by practicing right oral hygiene. Tonsil stones begin o develop when there are food particles, debris as well as bacteria, so ensure that you limit these situations as much as you can.

Gargle after every meal – It is a fast method of eradicating food remains and filth before
 they stick in your tonsils.

Avoid eating before bed – It is what the tonsils want you to do.

How to get rid of tonsil stones naturally?

Before taking any of these self-care methods, always consult your doctor.

1. Garlic
|The first home remedy of how to get rid of tonsil stones is to chew on raw garlic. Garlic cloves have been known to eradicate tonsils stones easily. The anti-bacteria agent in raw garlic has been used to health different conditions caused by various bacteria, and tonsils are no exemptions. Chew on raw garlic two to three times a day and your tonsil stones will solidify within a few days.

2. Finger 
If you are able to reach your tonsils with any of your fingers then you can try to wipe them out. Be careful as picking at your tonsil stones too hard can lead to further problems. If you are able to wipe them out, you should gargle salt water inside your mouth to eradicate any extra stones that you may have loosened.

3. Essential oil
Some essential oils possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics and thus useful for this purpose. For instance, consider using lemongrass, thieves oil and myrrh. Add two to three drops of essential oil on your brush every day and brush your tongue and teeth. You can also get these oils in a bottle and apply by spraying on the infected area.

4. Use moistened Q-tip
Instead of using your finger, you can use a moistened Q-tip to scrap the tonsil stones. Place the moistened Q-tip at the base of the tonsils, apply a little pressure and carefully move upward. You will be able to pop your tonsil out of its decaying nook.

5. Use soft-bristled toothbrush
To loosen and even break up your tonsil stones, you need to massage the surface on as well as around the stone using slow and gentle strokes. In case you have an electric brush, try placing “The Back” smooth side on your tonsil and let the vibration do the job.

6. Laser crypolysis can remove tonsil stones If your tonsils keep on reappearing and causes a lot of discomfort, infection or even swelling, then laser cryptolysis might be the way to go. With this process, your doctor will use carbon laser to reshape your tonsil crypts, smoothen or close off the crannies as well as nooks to stone development.

7. Saltwater gargles or carbonated beverages
 Tonsils are very delicate, so you should try the least insidious method first, particularly if you have tonsillitis or sore throat. Try gargling salt water three to four times a day. Alternatively, work in a few carbonated beverages such as club soda or seltzer water.

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